Tinplate (ETP)

Nicomet Tinplate always have big quantity of secondary tinplate materials available for immediate shipment. The majority of these materials are available in coils and sheets.

Tinplate is a cold-rolled steel with the majority between the 0.13 – 0.35mm. The tin coating is deposited to the material by a continuous electrolytic process. Tinplate arised in the 17th century.

Tinplate is often used for the packaging industry, for example for the following products:

  • Food cans
  • Cooking oil cans
  • Aerosol cans
  • Paint cans
  • Pails/Buckets
  • Liquid containers
  • Crown corks

Tinplate has a lot of advantages, to name a few:

  • Easy to transport because of low weight and break resistance of tinplate materials.
  • 100% protection of food products from bacteria, moisture, light and odours.
  • Environmentally friendly material, tinplate can be completely recycled without any loss in quality.
  • Easy printable, because tinplate is printable you can make your product more attractive and market your products in the best way. 

EXPERT in Secondary Tinplate materials.