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Do you want to purchase Tinplate sheets to produce various packaging products? Nicomet Tinplate/Steel has the right products for your applications. We have a large supply of materials that can be shipped quickly to anywhere in the world. These products often have small defects, but they can still be used to produce excellent products.

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You can create beautiful products with our Tinplate sheets

As a leading expert in secondary products, we always have a large supply of Tinplate sheets. The thickness of these materials varies between 0.13 mm and 0.35 mm. You can buy our products assorted or unassorted. These sheets often originate as surplus or over-production. It is also possible to buy our Tinplate products in other ways. For example, you can purchase Tinplate coils. You can also find sheets of other materials in our extensive inventory, such as Tin Free Steel. These Tin Free Steel sheets are often thicker than their Tinplate counterparts.


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Discover our large supply of various materials and purchase your Tinplate sheets. Do you want to know more about the availability of our various products? Or do you want to take a closer look at our products, in the form of photos? Send us your questions or requests via our contact form.

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