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At Nicomet Tinplate/Steel, we have a large supply of Secondary Blackplate (TMBP) coils for various applications. The majority of these coils of cold-rolled steel have a thickness between 0.14 mm and 0.50 mm. You can use these products as a base material for other tin mill products. This material can also be used to create other high-quality products, such as transport containers and metal roofing.

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Our TMBP coils are made of high-quality Blackplate steel. This base material has numerous uses and is an excellent surface for various coatings. By processing this material in different ways, you can use it to produce other materials. For example, you can treat your TMBP coils to produce Tin Free Steel coils. Alternatively, you could use it as a base for Tinplate coils. The possibilities are endless when you purchase our Blackplate coils.


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Do you want to purchase our TMBP coils for your various applications? Send us your desired requirements and we will find the right products in our vast supply. Do you have further questions about our other secondary tinplate products, or do you want a closer look at our materials? Let us know via our contact form.

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