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Nicomet Tinplate/Steel always has a large availability of unassorted misprints. Our misprinted tinplate materials are available in various sizes and thicknesses. For our unassorted misprints, we cannot give full details about the materials you will receive. The sheets can feature various bright prints or lacquers and offer a cost-effective solution for your applications.

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You will receive excellent products when you order our unassorted misprints

Do you want to purchase secondary Tinplate products at a competitive price? We have a large supply of misprinted Tinplate sheets available for you. When you order our misprinted materials, you can choose to purchase them assorted, unassorted or as strips. You will not be able to know the exact specifications of the products you ordered, such as the prints on the material, when you purchase unassorted misprints. Do you want to know exactly what you are ordering? You can also order assorted misprints to receive a list with the exact details of your sheets.


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Do you want to purchase our unassorted misprints or our other materials, such as our untreated Blackplate steel? Do not hesitate to send us a message via our contact form with your required materials and specifications. We will respond urgently to your needs and send you our best offer.

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