Tinplate Misprints

Nicomet Tinplate/Steel has always tinplate misprints available, fully assorted or unassorted misprinted or lacquered sheets. The sheets are available in different thicknesses and sizes.

We make distinction between the following materials of misprints:

  • Tinplate Unassorted Misprinted Sheets
  • Tinplate Assorted Misprinted Sheets
  • Tinplate Misprinted Strips

For Tinplate unassorted misprinted sheets we cannot give you full details, because it is unassorted. The sheets can be bright, printed and/or lacquered.

For Tinplate assorted misprinted sheets, we can provide you list with exact details of the misprinted sheets.

For Tinplate misprinted strips, we can provide you list with exact details of the tinplate strips.

Please send us mail with your required materials and we will response urgently on your needs.

EXPERT in Secondary Tinplate materials.