Secondary Tin Free Steel (ECCS)

Secondary Tin Free Steel is steel electrolytically coated with chrome. Because of this chrome layer, Tin Free Steel is protected against corrosion. This material is also known as Electrolytic Chromium Steel (ECCS). At Nicomet Tinplate/Steel, we offer this material in various shapes and sizes for many different uses.

The various uses of Tin Free Steel

Tin Free Steel has unique properties when you compare it with Tinplate (ETP) materials. For example, while ETP materials are commonly used for food products, Tin Free Steel can never be used for food products without biological protection. This protection is often given by adding lacquer to the material. You can find a large range of Tin Free Steel sheets in our supply, that can be used for the production of products such as:

  • Easy-Open ends
  • Microwaveable cans
  • Bakeware
  • Specialty packaging
  • Twist-Off Caps
  • Food can ends

You can also order this material in the form of Tin Free Steel coils if this shape better suits your needs. Do you want to purchase high-quality base materials? We also have a large stock of Blackplate steel.

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