Secondary Blackplate steel (TMBP)

Secondary Blackplate, or Tin Mill Blackplate, is a low carbon, cold-rolled steel with a thickness between 0.14 – 0.50mm. This material can be used as an excellent base for other packaging steels. Nicomet Tinplate/Steel has a large supply of Blackplate material, ready to be shipped worldwide for your various applications.

Use our Blackplate steel for various products

Blackplate can be used as base material for other tin mill products. In the past, this material was used primarily as the base material for Tinplate steel (ETP). It can also be used as the base for Tin Free Steel (ECCS). On its own, Blackplate steel is commonly used for the production of:

  • Transport containers
  • Lids
  • Toys
  • Metal roofing
  • Shelves
  • Guide Signs
  • Further metal coating

This material is also an excellent surface for various coatings. We offer a wide range of TMBP coils. If coating surface characteristics are of little importance for your applications, tin mill Blackplate is an excellent material. Nicomet Tinplate/Steel has decades worth of experience and expertise in working with Blackplate steel. Whatever your applications are, we have the right material for your business. Do you want to order other materials on coils? You can find a range of Tin Free Steel coils in our collection.

Order your base materials today

Purchase our tin mill Blackplate steel and benefit from the wide range of possibilities that this material provides. We constantly receive new materials from our suppliers. This allows us to provide fast deliveries and competitive rates. Contact us for more information about our products via our contact form or request a quote for your order.

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