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Nicomet Tinplate/Steel has a large supply of various Tinplate coils. You can use this material for various applications due to its high durability. The thickness of our products mostly ranges between 0.13 mm and 0.35 mm. However, depending on availability, you can also order products with a thickness up to 0.60 mm.

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As an experienced supplier of secondary Tinplate products, we offer Tinplate coils with two different finishes: Bright and DWI/Matt. You are welcome to request photos of our coils and other inventory, such as our Tinplate sheets, to get a better view of our products. Are you interested in buying coils of other materials, for example Blackplate steel? We carry a large supply of TMBP coils. Whatever your requirements are, we can deliver the right materials.


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Purchase your Tinplate coils through Nicomet Tinplate/Steel and benefit from our extensive stock and excellent service. Send us your desired specifications and we will cut your material to the required dimensions at a competitive price. For more information and our expert advice, send us a message via our contact form. Our experts will send you a reply as soon as possible.

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